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IMS Bearing Replacement


LN Engineering

Affecting all Porsche M96 and M97 engines built 1997 all the way up to 2008 essentially their entire line up Boxsters, 996’s , 997’s and Caymans.   Although it may be a small failure rate of cars it’s not anything that should be overlooked as the consequences of a failed bearing can be costly and extensive work is required to repair the engine afterwards.  Not an inexpensive service to have done but in the long run cheap insurance to ensure a long and dependable life of your motor.   However if having this “fix” done just isn’t in the budget or for you there’s things you can do, monitor and keep an eye on to help ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Below is some more in depth information on the subject from our friends at LN Engineering.

Although there’s a variety of company's making replacement bearings we prefer to only use and install LN Engineering products, as we feel that their products are superior in quality and design. 

On every one of our services we do, the oil and filter need to be drained and changed and we go another step further and remove the oil sump to inspect for wear material and making sure the oil pick up screen is clean and free from any contaminants or debris.  The clutch and flywheel are carefully inspected and dual mass flywheels are measured for acceptable amounts of wear and play.   Your service will also include replacement of the following ,  Air / oil separator , rear crankshaft seal ,flywheel bolts , oil filter , Oil, magnetic drain plug if not already installed and of course IMS bearing.   Most recently the 2002 to 2005 cars including some 01’s that have the most faulty single row bearings can be upgraded even further from the Single Row Retrofit to the Single Row Pro which is a dual row, essentially upgrading your single row bearing car to a dual row. This requires a whole new line up of tools necessary to complete the Job which we’re equipped to handle and have installed numerous.

Upstate NY's only preferred LN Engineering preferred installer!

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