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General Maintenance and Service

Oil /  Transmission /Differential Fluid Changes

We're proud to carry a wide variety of Motul products to go in your car at its routine oil change and for retail; all meeting manufacturer approval and certification. We also carry a variety of other fluids including Mobil 1 and Castrol but we are happy to use any product of your preference.   Don't forget that your transmission and differentials require servicing as well, something commonly overlooked.  


Whether its time for some routine service or you're ready for an upgrade to get your car stopping faster when your cruising the back roads or heading to the track, we've got you covered.  We work with some of the top names in the business such as Pagid, Ferodo, PFC and Brembo to get you there. 


Have a broken spring? Does your car just not drive and handle like it used to? Or maybe you're looking for some improvements. We can get your car driving like it did when it was new and even better.   We have all your bases covered and the knowledge and experience to get you set up with the right choice for you. Whether its a set of JRZ Motorsport 3 or 4-way adjustable shocks or your factory Bilstein replacement. We have a 4 wheel Hunter alignment machine with up to date software so everything is done in house. 

Timing Belts

Most cars these days aren't equipped with them anymore but if you're the owner of an older Porsche 944 , 928 or BMW 325 you should know that these cars are equipped with timing belts and require servicing at different time and mileage Intervals.  Don't take your car just anywhere to have this done, bring it to someone who has the experience! More recent vehicles that are chain driven can also experience problems. If you have  a Porsche Boxster, 996 or 997 that is experiencing cam deviation fault codes, we can fix that.  There's multiple factors that can contribute to this from faulty chain tensioners to stretched chains.  All of this can and should be addressed before it turns into more involved issues. 

Tire Mounting and Balancing

We are the only local 5 star rated tire installer for Tire Rack.  Order your tires online and have them shipped directly to us. You'll receive an email when your tires arrive and can call us and have an appointment set up for your installation. We are also a local dealer and  installer for Nokian and Toyo Tires. Nokian makes some of the best snow tires around the world.  We take our time with all the tires we mount to ensure utmost care is given.   Click on the Tire Rack logo above to order your tires today!

Above are just a few of the general services we can provide for you but not limited to just that.  Have a project or some maintenance you need completed? Give us a call or send an email and see how we can help you!

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